[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Arirang TV Pops In Seoul‘s New MC Hye Lim, Congratulate KPOPPlanet

by Ha Kyeong-Heon (azimae@khan.co.kr)   |    Sep 6, 2013


While many idol group members began individual activities, Lim, 21, of the five-member girl group Wonder Girls was different. With a childhood spent in Hong Kong, her fluency in English and knowledge of music secured her a place as the master of ceremonies of a program that introduces K-pop to the world. Since Aug 26, she has been hosting Arirang TV’s Pops In Seoul, a professional K-pop program that airs everyday at 0830 (GMT +9). She met with KPOPPlanet Team to tell us her story of trying something new. During the interview she was kept a constant smile on her face and didn’t forget to congratulate the launch of KPOPPlanet!

Enjoy the interview and check out the video clip of Lim at the bottom :)


Q. I’ve heard this is your first time to MC a TV program!

(Lim): I’ve co-hosted the EBS radio broadcast English Go Go! before, but this is the first time doing this by myself. It feels surreal because Pops In Seoul was a program I watched when I was growing up in Hong Kong.


Q. Tells us about Pops In Seoul?

(Lim): The program introduces K-pop to overseas fans in English. It delivers the most recent and trendiest news. On Wednesdays, Tasha from the girl group Skarf and Eden from the boy group LC9 will appear with me to share K-pop ratings. I’m so happy for this opportunity because I can speak English to the fans around the world as much as I want!


“I’m so happy for this opportunity because I can speak English to the fans around the world as much as I want!”




Q. There are different corners on different days, what’s your favorite?

(Lim): I like the ‘Hot 20 Playlist.’ Eden and I act out a little skit as we introduce songs, such as sad faces for sad songs and exciting faces for exciting songs! (Laughing)


Q. Since “Like Money”, Wonder Girls haven’t released any new songs. How are the other members?

(Lim): They are all busy. Sun Ye unni (What girls say to older sisters or girls older than themselves) is enjoying her newlywed life, Ye Eun unni is doing a musical, So Hee is acting, and Yu Bin unni is producing music. When I don’t have any broadcasts scheduled I get vocal, acting, and rap lessons. (Laughing shyly) I’m also learning Chinese for our future activities in China. I recently enjoyed Sunmi’s song. I was so surprised of her transformation! She did so well with her own style of sexiness.

I’m also learning Chinese for our activities in China.

Q. When will the Wonder Girls comeback?

(Lim): If the comeback date were up to me, I want it to be next year. I’m more interested in rapping than singing. I also want to do featuring as well.


Q. What kind of songs do you enjoy listening to? What do you do in your spare time?

(Lim): I enjoy listening to Mikey’s “Loving You,” Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop,” Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get It,” and such. I like R&B, Ballad, CCM, and gospel music. When I’m free of practice, I like to go out. This summer was too hot to go anywhere but I’ve recently been to Jeju-do. I’ve seen interesting museums and ate delicious foods!


hye lim

Q. You are fluent in not only English, but also in Korean, Chinese and more. What’s the secret?

(Lim): I think making friends is important. I have friends from all over the world. We interact through SNS (social network services). It’s interesting that now a days, foreign friends are trying to learn Korean. Listening to radios is also helpful.

Q. Wonder Girls have been to a lot of places around the world for performances. How are fans from overseas different?

(Lim): Fans from Southeast Asia are passionate and cheerful. They practice Korean a lot! Fans from the States and Canada are bright and free. They dance with us so it’s like having a party. Fans from China are polite and like taking pictures, and fans from Europe are also nice and kind of shy…” (Smiling)


Q. What do you hope for this year?

(Lim): I want to challenge myself into acting. After filming the movie The Wonder Girls, my desire in acting grew.



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